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The Ultimate Eyewear for Summer

by Ali Juten on Jul 24, 2019

By LouLou Durant

Summer is, without a doubt, a favorite season for many. The days are endless, with the sun lingering well into the evenings. Which means that the weekends are typically filled with a variety of adventures, even several in one day! Here’s just a few ideas of how you could spend a glorious summer day, from dawn to dusk. 


Off-Roading to the Fishing Hole

With trout and bass season in full swing, take the 4-wheeler out to your favorite honey hole to get a few casts in during the morning bite. There’s nothing like getting the adrenaline pumping on the ATV after breakfast, singing along to a dirt road song, and relaxing by the lake waiting for a fish to nibble on your bait. It’s always a bonus to come home with a cooler full of fish to grill up later, as well!


Send a Few Rounds Down Range

After a morning of fishing and off-roading, continue your day at the local gun range. Perhaps you’re dialing in your rifle for the fall hunting season, practicing close range with your pistol, target shooting some clay pigeons with your pump action, or a combination of the three. Not only are you staying sharp in your gunmanship, since shooting is a deteriorating skill (use it or lose it), but it’s also an excellent way to burn off some stress from the week. 

Photo by Dustin Samplawski


Sunset Backyard BBQ

End the day by hosting a backyard cookout with family and friends! Grilling out by the pool or on the deck is the best way to spend time with your loved ones while watching the sun set on the horizon. If you were lucky enough to catch a few fish earlier in the morning, throw those on the grill along with some delicious vegetable kabobs. 


Photo by Comstock Creative

Stay Safe in Every Adventure

There’s no quicker way to ruin a wonderful day than by getting injured, and eye safety is paramount in each of the activities we planned for this fun summer weekend. This is where SSP Eyewear’s Ultimate safety glasses come in to play. 

The Pasilla and Poblano glasses are both shatterproof, full-coverage lenses that are designed to protect your eyes from dirt, debris, and vapors. This means they’ll prevent dust and bugs from flying into your eyes while ATVing, stop onion vapors from causing you to cry while prepping dinner, and ensure smoke doesn’t irritate your eyes while grilling! They’re OSHA approved and ANSI rated, which means they can be used as eye protection at the shooting range, as well. 

No matter what mix of adventure you decide to fill your summer with, get out and enjoy the sunshine and beautiful weather this season! 

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  • Tyrone Johnson
    Nov 04, 2019 at 10:04

    Not sure how and when to use my SSP eye-where. I went to the shooting range and tried them. So my Q? Should they be used when I’m shooting from a distance? Example 15 & 25 yard line


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