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A-Eye Lens Technology

SSP Eyewear has spent countless hours perfecting color and light management to provide the ultimate benefit to our customers. Our lenses allow our customers to dynamically change the sight picture both with filtration and light management. This is a huge advantage in critical target acquisition.

Color Management

Each of the SSP lens kits introduces multiple filtration curves in the same lens. By introducing a higher transmittance curve with a lower transmittance curve in the same lens, the eye can effectively utilize the color saturation to actively manage sight picture definition. For Target shooters the opportunity to "dial-in" the visual intensity of the target can literally make or break their shot.

Safety. Strength. Comfort.

SSP Eyewear is an eyewear industry leader in eyewear frame material construction. We have spent years perfecting the materials we use and pride ourselves on providing our customers a product that stands the test of time and use. We use high-performance rubber compounds and hypoallergenic materials.

Engineered for the needs of YOU.

We have lifelong friendships, sponsorships, and relationships with athletes that are the elite in their industry/segment. In working with them, we have crafted and refined frame geometries that are designed with trap shooting professionals, avid sportsmen, frontline workers, and the culinary industry all fully in mind. We have considered the performance needs, the weight, and balance, as well as the overall comfort.

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