SSP Eyewear manufactures high-quality accessories for glasses.
  • Cords and cases provide a perfect fit for all your eyewear
  • Replacement lenses are available most of the SSP Eyewear kits

Offering an extensive line of accessories to enhance and protect your SSP Eyewear.

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Cord 2 All Nylon Black

The black, all-nylon, easily adjustable retainer is ideal for all forms of action, be it on land, water, snow, or in the air. This cotton eyeglass retainer has it all:...
$ 3.99

RX Adapter

RX-ABLE Adapter for SSP Eyewear A long-awaited solution for people who wear glasses and need safety glasses. Introducing the new RX-Able Adapter for the Methow Kit and Cascade Kit available...
$ 20.00
AccessoriesAll Safety Eyewear

Methow Pro 6HD

  Dark Orange, Copper, Dark Purple, Vermillion LL (Low Light) and ML (Medium Light) lenses & Hard Case Enhanced Dark Orange - Anti-Fog (32% light transmission) Optically correct decentered lens provides...
$ 499.99
A-Eye™ LensesAccessories

Methow PRO 4 HD

Methow Lenses Set of 4 Includes a FREE Hard Case and clear adjustable nose pads on all lenses. Now offering a set of 4 High definition lenses for our popular Methow frames. The four...
$ 319.99
A-Eye™ LensesAccessories

Replacement Lenses With Magnifiers

Replacement lenses for our popular Top Focal™ & Denial (bottom bifocal) safety glasses. Now you can add lenses of your choice to your kits.  These Lenses Fit Both Top Focal™, Denial...
$ 39.99
A-Eye™ LensesAccessories

Chelan Plano Lenses (No Magnification)

Replacement lenses for our popular Chelan safety glasses. Now you can add lenses of your choice to your kits. These lenses do not have magnification. Sold by the pair packaged...
$ 29.99
A-Eye™ LensesAccessories

Methow Replacement HD Lenses

Methow (Frame Not Included) Includes a microfiber pouch and a clear adjustable nose pad Now offering our popular Methow Lenses sold separately from the kit. Choose between 10 different anti-fog, High...
$ 59.99


Did you lose your Top Focal frames or just looking for an extra? We want to save you money. There is no need to purchase a whole new kit when...
$ 29.00

Methow (Frame Only)

Methow (Frame Only) Now offering, our popular Methow frames sold separately from the kit. By offering the Methow frame by itself, shooters will now have the ability to set up their Methow...
$ 29.99
AccessoriesAll Safety Eyewear

Zipper Hard Glass Case

Protect the glasses that protect you! Our zipper hard case will keep your glasses safe from being scratched and the plastic carabiner included attaches easily to your purse or belt...
$ 10.00
AccessoriesAll Safety Eyewear

SSP Pouch

Protect the glasses that protect your eyes! Our ultra-soft microfiber pouch provides your glasses with extra protection while the cleaner keeps them looking fresh.
$ 10.00 $ 6.00
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Pince-Nez Pocket Readers

Never be without reading glasses again! These super thin readers are small enough to fit in your wallet but powerful enough to show the fine print! Magnification options for these...
$ 12.99 $ 9.99