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My husband loves these bifocal safety glasses. I initially had to encourage him to give them a try. I told my husband if you decide not to keep them, I would keep them for myself. My husband wears them constantly for outside activities. He has told family and friends "My wife really loves me and wants to keep me safe! She ordered them thru Amazon. These are great glasses! Here try them on!" Many people have tried his glasses on and I'm impressed with the quality of construction and versatility of use!
I'm impressed at how well they fit my husband, myself ; as well as the many people who have tried them. The glasses don't fog up, pinch temples or slide around.

- Glennda McKinnis


Stylish and functional, these allow me to read, write and be safe while on a shop floor. Also PERFECT at the shooting range.

- David Fiegel


Awesome look/fit and the reader part works great on my motorcycle looking at the screen and gauges!

- Connie M Hutzel


Excellent product. Bought these primarily for sunglasses with bifocals for reading phone, specifically Google Maps, while riding in the car. Comfort is amazing. Wrap around fit is perfect. Safety feature is a bonus. I may order a spare pair.

Lynn Wiggers 


I wear these every day and love them.

- Scott Novis "Husband, Dad, Coach."


Good glasses! Even my son said they looked cool! He was disappointed when I told him they were readers - guess they are safe with me!

- Johnny C. "johnnywildcat"


My husband LOVES these glasses. We bought a second pair.

- Billie Kucharoon


A nice pair of safety glasses. They fit well and stay on your face even while bent over framing. My only disappointment is they show a really nice blue in the ad but my pair arrived and they are more of a purple color than blue. The readers are a nice touch and down low and out of your direct line of sight.

- Joe Cool


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