Entiat Bifocal Bundle

$ 49.99 $ 55.98

Demi Two-Tone

Product Details

Our most popular glasses are now being offered as a bundle! Customers
who have tried the Entiat Bifocals almost always come back for a second
pair, so we're making it easy by offering a discount when you buy both
together with a hard case. Make sure you're always covered!
Entiat safety glasses have a built in cheater at the bottom of the lens for
reading and close up work, allowing user to wear one safety glass all the
time. Tired of not being able to see the small print? The Entiat is a great
solution! This fashionable glass can be used all day allowing the user to
both see afar as well as small print up close without changing glasses.
Give one of them a try today in the color and reading power of your choice.

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