How to Choose Hunting & Shooting Glasses?
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How to Choose Hunting & Shooting Glasses?

by Sunny Dodeja on Dec 11, 2023

Let's dive into the world of hunting and shooting glasses together. This article is all about important features and helps you find the best pair of glasses you need. So, let's get started on this exciting journey to find your ultimate protective eyewear.

Understanding the Basics: Hunting vs. Shooting Glasses

 So, let's clear something up first. Hunting and shooting glasses aren't the same.
Shooting glasses are made for range or competitive shooting. They're tough, keeping your eyes safe from flying bits and pieces and giving you a crystal-clear view of your target, no matter the lighting.

Hunting glasses are focused on outdoor use. They guard your eyes against hazards and boost your vision across different landscapes and weather conditions.


Key Features to Look Out For

 Lens Material and Impact Resistance: Safety first, right? Look for polycarbonate or Trivex lenses. They're super strong and durable.

 Lens Tint and Color: Different colors do different things. Yellow or orange tints are fantastic for low light and perfect for early morning or late evening hunts. Grey or green? They keep colors accurate and are great for shooting.

 UV Protection: A little reminder - too much sun is unsuitable for your eyes. Ensure your glasses block 99% to 100% UVA and UVB rays.

 Fit and Comfort: Uncomfy glasses can mess with your focus. Find ones with adjustable frames, nose pads, and temple grips for that perfect fit.

 Anti-Fog Coating: This is a lifesaver in hunting when the temperature changes and your lenses might fog up.

 Frame Design: Full frames are more protective and durable. Half frames give you a broader view. Choosing the Right Pair for You

 Identify Your Needs: Are you more into range shooting or hunting? Your activity is to decide the best type of glasses for you.

 Consider Your Environment: Hunters facing different light conditions might want interchangeable lenses. Shooters prefer a consistent lens color.

 Prioritize Safety: Always pick glasses that meet or go beyond safety standards from groups like ANSI or OSHA.

 Consult Professionals: If you need clarification, ask for advice at your local hunting or sporting goods store. They know their stuff.

 Budget: Safety is critical, but there are good options in every price range.

Wrapping Up

From our experience, picking the right glasses for hunting or shooting isn't only for safety but also better performance. The trick is understanding the options, focusing on key features, and thinking about your needs. Trust me, the right glasses are a total game-changer. They protect your eyes and seriously enhance your experience. So, go on, make your choice, and enjoy your hunting and shooting adventures safely!

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