Youth Sponsorship Program - Next Generation

Not sure which program / sponsorship fits your needs best?

Please take a moment to select the option that best fits you down below so we can match you to the appropriate program.


  1. I am an athlete and/or a competitive shooter and want a sponsorship for myself.
    • Gives you exclusive discounts on gear
  2. I represent a team, league, or organization and want to sponsor more than just me.
    • Gives you exclusives for revenue & fundraising

For Choice #1 (Athlete/Competitive Shooter Sponsorship)

SSP Eyewear will sponsor 1,000 youth competitors in the next year!

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Amazing Perks you get for being a Sponsored Athlete:

  • Athletes love the high level of performance they gain from using our gear! Sponsorship allows you to score even more perks!
    • Exclusive 20% off sitewide discount on ALL of SSP Eyewear gear
    • Discount codes to share with Family & Friends
    • Inside scoop on upcoming deals
    • Multi-Year bonuses through our Tiered Athlete Program
    • More unadvertised specials

Team SSP Sponsored Benefits

  • Sponsored teams and athletes receive SSP Eyewear at a discounted rate according to sponsorship level
  • Following sign-up, approved athletes and competitors become SSP Eyewear Affiliates and receive 10% commission on referred sales

New Members:

  • There is a 12 month evaluation period where the following criteria are reviewed
    • Social media activity
    • Creative content provided
    • Conversion rate from the Affiliate Program
    • Competitive participation
    • Adherence to the Team SSP Eyewear Terms and Agreements
  • After the 12-month review, the sponsored member is evaluated for sponsorship for the following year

Membership Levels

  • Bronze Level
    • Annual Bronze Level Care Package
    • Members receive 20% discount on all products available on SSP Eyewear website
  • Silver Level
    • Annual Silver Level Care Package
    • Members receive 30% discount on all products available on SSP Eyewear website
  • Gold Level
    • Annual Gold Level Care Package
    • Gold gift from SSP Eyewear
    • Members receive 40% discount on all products available on SSP Eyewear website

For Choice #2 (Team/League/Organization Sponsorship)

Fundraising & Revenue Opportunities

  • The Methow Kit and our Custom Printed Pros Shooting Glasses are two of our highest performing items! Shooting teams, clubs, and organizations across the country are experiencing rapid success with these kits and lenses and seeing major improvements in their shooting using our lenses.
  • Fundraising with these two unbeatable products is simple!
    • Promote your team, club, or cause with your custom logo branded on your custom eye pros
    • 10% discounts for your athletes, friends, and family
    • 20% of ALL sales made will be donated back to YOUR organization
    • SSP guarantees a hands off experience. This means that we handle ALL of the product fulfillment and YOU never have to touch a thing!
    • Exclusive deals and discounts are YOURS on our very best selling eyewear

Making Every Adventure (Fun)ctional

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