Introducing Top Focals to safety eyewear changed the game, and now the game is changing again!


Magnified vision above & below,
plus unobstructed long distance sight!


People are buying the Denial Kit, with the bifocal magnification at the bottom of the lenses, and interchanging one lens with the Top Focal Kit. By adding the Denial Kit to your Top Focals, you can have magnification at the top of one eye to see your sights, magnification at the bottom for your other eye, and perfectly clear vision looking straight ahead. This copies the trend in Lasik eye surgery, correcting one eye for distance and one for close up!

Use the Top Focal in your dominant eye and the Denial bottom focal in your non dominant eye. If you don't know which is which, relax we have you covered, both are included at no extra charge.


Who is using this combo?
Cabinet Makers, Painters, Finish Carpenter, Pilots, Law Enforcement, First Responders, Mechanics, Pool Players, Angry Birds... what?

People suffering from cataracts or one eyes' sight (left or right) has diminished faster that the other eye, are finding that their dominant eye has changed. Similar to an injury of your strong limb, you begin to favor your stronger appendage and start using your weaker limb more often. In many cases this happens without the user realizing it.

Great news! Our glasses help with the weak eye, so customers are now able to use their stronger dominant eye again!

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