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Team SSP

Team SSP - Proud Sponsors 

Larry W. Smith    

Youtube - 3gundude                

"I shoot Open/Unlimited division for the fun of having more, and using more optics on all guns. As I got older so did my eyes and being able to see the timer and scoring tablet was so difficult without reading glasses that it left me unable to work as an RO at local matches when I couldn’t see the timer without my safety glasses. I ran across an ad for SSP Eyewear on Facebook and figured I’d give their bifocals a try and the minute I put them on I was amazed at the clear view and how easy it was to read with them. The very same weekend I got my pair, I worked as an RO at a major shotgun match and had no problems seeing the timer and reading the stage brief.

Thank you SSP Eyewear"


Team Rifenbark Armory



Team Rifenbark Armory is a team of very talented 3 Gun Competitors that have competed in a vast variety of competitions across the country. The team includes;

  • Doug Young - Rifenbark Armory Team Captain
  • Travis and Jenn Roth - Travis had 4 Factory division wins in 2016 while Jenn has 3 Ladies division season titles                                        
  • DJ Beebe - 2015/2016 LBSC PCC Division Champion
  • Don Finkbeiner - 2012 BRASS RF Champion
  • Dan Beebe - 2014 LBSC PCC Champion
  • Don Baldwin - 2015 LBSC Championship 3rdUnlimited
  • Tyler Sampson - 2015 CCSA championship 2ndplace
  • Lisa Marie Judy - Lucas Oil Outdoor Line Team Captain
  • Walt Moeller - 2016 LBSC Championship 4th
  • Scott Rifenbark - CEO Rifenbark Armory, 2016 Michigan State Law Enforcement Champion


Vincent "Enzo" Parsick



Enzo Parsick is an Anthropological Archaeologist by day, and when not in the field, Enzo is teaching safety and responsible firearm handling to children and their parents. Enzo is also a competitive marksman and we here at SSP are excited to sponsor him through his competitive career. 

Upcoming competitions include:

  • Bay Area Rifle Championship (BARC 2017)
  • Savage Long Range Hunters 


Vanessa Aguilar  


Vanessa Aguilar is an 11 year old marksman from  San Antonio, Texas. She actively trains in both pistol and rifle. She started shooting rifle at the age of 5 when she became curious about the weapons in her grandfathers safe and has been actively training in firearms safety and proper shooting technique since. Vanessa participates in Steel Challenge, USPSA, IDPA and SASP competitions. Her ambitions are to shoot 3-Gun competitions, gain college scholarships and enter into law enforcement. Vanessa’s current weapons include;

  • S&W M&P15-22 rifle
  • M&P 22 compact
  • Ruger Mark III
  • A custom AR-15 
  • Glock 34