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Our Team

Our Team

instead of ‘bios’ lets have them say what their favorite product is and why

Mike Bechtel

I like the Entiat Bifocal. I have recently matured enough to require reading glasses. I love the fact that I don’t need to wear a pair of readers and a pair of sunglasses both at the same time. Both are built into the Entiat Glasses. I also really like the fact that the mirror covers the reading portion so others don’t think I am old 😊

Ali Juten

My go-to SSP Eyewear is the Methow Kit. I am a hunter and spend a lot of time outside. Where I’m from, grouse hunting takes place in thick woods and brush. Wearing safety glasses is a necessity, but having glasses with A-Eye technology to actually improve my vision in various light conditions…that’s the real winner! Or should I say, winner-winner grouse for dinner?!😊

Jeff Newton

My eyewear of choice is the Top Focal, it picks up where my Lasik left off. I have an issue with my dominant eye and if I wear the Top Focal I can see clearly. For being a 37 yr old, I actually use the top focal when shooting at the range because it fixes my issue of not being able to see the front sight clearly.

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