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Premium Lens Technology

SSP Eyewear™ has spent countless hours perfecting color and light management to provide the maximum benefits to our customers. Our lenses allow our customers to dynamically change the sight picture both with filtration and light management.

  • Enhanced vision in a variety of conditions
  • NVR/fog™ lenses feature a hydrophilic coating
  • Shatterproof & anti-scratch material
  • Engineered for comfort & style
  • ANSI safety rated


Each of the SSP lens kits introduces multiple filtration curves in the same lens. By wearing these, the eye can effectively utilize the color saturation to actively manage the definition and color of their vision. For target shooters, the opportunity to "dial-in" the visual intensity of the target can literally make or break their shot.


SSP’s safety lenses are prepared with a superior anti-scratch coating and shatterproof polycarbonate. They have been rigorously tested by labs approved by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute), a private non-profit organization that provides the standard that OSHA upholds and enforces. Each pair of safety glasses is tested to these standards with a complex machine that shoots a 1/4 inch steel ball at over 100 mph. All SSP safety glasses meet or exceed ANSI Z87+ which you will see is marked on the temple and at least one lens.


Have you ever worn a cheap pair of glasses and ended up with a headache? All SSP lenses are designed with high-quality optically correct Decentered Lenses. This feature makes the lenses optically correct (so that the center of the lenses align with your pupils) for better vision and to eliminate refraction on curved lenses.

Calawah Ladies Casual Eyewear with Readers

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