Lock in your sights like you’re 25 again!

Attention pistol shooters, hunters and instructors who are struggling to see your front sights clearly, the Top Focal™ Assorted Kit is your solution for an in-focus, crystal clear shot. As you age, it is normal to experience changes in your eyesight. Most commonly, we develop a condition known as Presbyopia which interferes with our ability to focus on something up close. For shooters, this can be the differentiating factor in hitting that target or taking the perfect shot at a trophy while hunting. Our Top Focals are versatile for use by many people suffering from this condition. Perhaps you’re a mechanic or electrician that does a bit of overhead work. Having the magnification near the top of the lenses will help you see your work without straining your neck like with regular bottom bifocals. Our assorted kits have interchangeable lenses in amber, clear & smoked anti-fog which allows you to personalize the shooting glasses to view your front sight in a variety of lighting conditions. Stay on-target and get your Top Focal kit today!

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Top Focal® Ultra Kit

Top Focal® Ultra Kit This kit includes everything you need for pistol, rifle, AR and shotguns, to view your sights & the target in every light condition. It comes with a...
$ 149.99
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Top Focal® Ast Kit

See the detailed directions for choosing the correct magnification below as well as videos at the bottom of the page. Shoot like you’re 25 again! Attention pistol shooters and instructors...
$ 79.99
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Top Focal® Premier Kit

Top Focal® Premier Kit This kit includes everything you need to view your sights & the target in every light condition. It comes with a full set of lenses with...
$ 149.99
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Lens Changing Directions Included In ALL Kits

Easy to read, lens changing directions for Top Focal, Denial and Chelan Kits. These are included with all kits at time of purchase. If you did not receive yours, or...
$ 0.05
A-Eye™ LensesAccessories

Replacement Lenses With Magnifiers

Replacement lenses for our popular Top Focal™ & Denial (bottom bifocal) safety glasses. Now you can add lenses of your choice to your kits.  These Lenses Fit Both Top Focal™, Denial...
$ 39.99