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Methow A-EYE™ 6 Lens Kit

6 HD Lens RX-Able Shooting Glass Kit. For all shooting disciplines, the Methow Kit from SSP Eyewear provides the most versatile safety shooting glass kit available. Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clay,...
$ 399.99
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Methow A-EYE™ Single Lens Luna Shooting Glass

All Methow Luna's have trademarked NVR/fog a-EYE lenses and infrangible frames.  They are RX-able and accept all Methow accessories, including a large assortment of a-EYE Lenses in the color of...
$ 129.99 $ 99.99
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Methow A-EYE™ 4 Lens Kit

4 HD Lens RX-Able Shooting Glass Kit For all shooting disciplines, the Methow Cascade Kit from SSP Eyewear has four lenses, hand-picked for diverse light conditions; from bright light to...
$ 299.99
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Perfect for shooters who still have good eyesight! One of our most popular kits, the Chelan, features a tough nylon matte black frame and anti-fog venting between the frame and...
$ 59.99
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Top Focal® Ast Kit

See the detailed directions for choosing the correct magnification below as well as videos at the bottom of the page. Shoot like you’re 25 again! Attention pistol shooters and instructors...
$ 79.99
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Top Focal® Premier Kit

Top Focal® Premier Kit This kit includes everything you need to view your sights & the target in every light condition. It comes with a full set of lenses with...
$ 149.99
A-Eye™ LensesAccessories

Methow PRO 4 HD

Methow Lenses Set of 4 Includes a FREE Hard Case and clear adjustable nose pads on all lenses. Now offering a set of 4 High definition lenses for our popular Methow frames. The four...
$ 319.99
AccessoriesAll Safety Eyewear

Methow Pro 6HD

  Dark Orange, Copper, Dark Purple, Vermillion LL (Low Light) and ML (Medium Light) lenses & Hard Case Enhanced Dark Orange - Anti-Fog (32% light transmission) Optically correct decentered lens provides...
$ 499.99
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Whether you’re hunting grouse through thick brush or mule deer in a windy desert, don’t get caught off guard! It’s only a matter of time before the day is ruined...
$ 17.99

Prescription RX Adapter

RX-ABLE Adapter for SSP Eyewear A long-awaited solution for people who wear glasses and need safety glasses. Introducing the new RX-Able Adapter for the Methow Kit and Cascade Kit available...
$ 20.00
A-Eye™ LensesAccessories

Methow Replacement HD Lenses

Methow (Frame Not Included) Includes a microfiber pouch and a clear adjustable nose pad Now offering our popular Methow Lenses sold separately from the kit. Choose between 10 different anti-fog, High...
$ 59.99
A-Eye™ LensesAccessories

Chelan Plano Lenses (No Magnification)

Replacement lenses for our popular Chelan safety glasses. Now you can add lenses of your choice to your kits. These lenses do not have magnification. Sold by the pair packaged...
$ 29.99