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Why Your Regular Reading Glasses Aren't Enough for Shooting Sports?

by Sunny Dodeja on Apr 22, 2024

Why You Need the Right Eyewear for Shooting

Do you wear reading glasses and enjoy shooting sports? If you do, you might have noticed that your regular reading glasses aren't quite right when you're out shooting. But have you ever wondered why? In this guide, we'll explain why your usual reading glasses aren't the best for shooting, and we'll share some tips on finding the perfect eyewear for your shooting trips.

Understanding the Difference: Reading Glasses vs. Shooting Glasses

Sure, let's start by explaining the difference between reading glasses and shooting glasses.

Reading Glasses: For Up-Close Tasks

Reading glasses help people see things close up, like books or computer screens. They're fixed at one magnification and are great for reading or other close-up activities.

Shooting Glasses: Made for Protection and Performance

Shooting glasses are crafted specifically for gun enthusiasts. They're made to shield your eyes and enhance your vision while you're shooting. Plus, they come in various designs and lens colors to fit different shooting environments.

Why Your Reading Glasses Aren't Good for Shooting Sports

Now, let's talk about why your regular reading glasses aren't right for shooting.

Limited Vision

Reading glasses are good for seeing things up close, like books or computer screens. But when you're shooting, you need to see everything around you, not just your target. Reading glasses can make it tough to see what's going on around you, which isn't safe when you're shooting.

Limited Eye Protection

While reading glasses can protect your eyes a little, they're not strong enough to protect you from things like flying bits of clay or metal at a shooting range. Shooting glasses are made with tough materials that can handle impacts and keep your eyes safe.

Wrong Lens Colors

Regular reading glasses often have clear lenses, but these may not be suitable for shooting outdoors in sunny conditions. Shooting glasses, however, have lenses in various colors that improve your vision depending on the light. This matters a lot when you're trying to aim at a target.

Choosing the Best Shooting Glasses

Now that you understand why reading glasses aren't the best for shooting let's discuss how to pick the perfect shooting glasses.

Look for Tough Lenses

When you're looking for shooting glasses, make sure they have strong lenses that can take hits. Choose glasses with tough materials like polycarbonate for the lenses.

Picking the Best Lens Color for You

Consider the place where you plan to shoot and how bright it will be. Some lens colors are better for certain situations. Amber lenses are great for shooting when it's not very bright, gray lenses are perfect for sunny days, and yellow lenses can improve your vision when it's cloudy.

Make Sure They Fit Comfortably

Since you'll be wearing your shooting glasses for quite some time, finding a pair that fits well is crucial. Look for options that come with adjustable nose pads and temple arms, allowing you to customize the fit for maximum comfort. Wraparound styles are also beneficial, as they offer extra protection for your eyes from debris while ensuring the glasses stay put.

Conclusion: Get the Right Glasses for Safe Shooting

In summary, your everyday reading glasses aren't the best choice for shooting sports. They need to give you more protection or help you see well in different light conditions. To stay safe and see your best while shooting, invest in a pair of shooting glasses designed for the job. You'll be able to enjoy your hobby more safely and comfortably.

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