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by Sara SSP on Aug 18, 2017


By: Tom McHale

The USCCA set up this Polymer Palooza
course to help test out some new gear.

USA – One of the benefits of this adventure job is that you get to try out all sorts of new shooting sports gear.

As I write this, I’m in Appleton, Wisconsin eating some fine cheeses and wondering how the Packers are gonna fare this year.

In between servings, I had the opportunity to do a bunch of shooting with the folks from the United States Concealed Carry Association; they're headquartered up near here. Always on a mission to advance the cause of lawful self-defense, they brought our media crew together with some carefully chosen shooting industry vendors.

The idea was to get some quality range time in for multiple target engagement scenarios and kick the tires of some new gear in the process. Allow me to share a bit more about that.

Eyes getting fuzzy?

As an aging shooter, I’m plagued with presbyopia, you know, the irrational fear of receiving gifts. Actually, it's a slight hardening of the lens over time that makes it harder to focus on things like obnoxious Facebook posts and handgun front sights. As a result, I wear glasses these days, but most of the correction is for close up stuff. Finding a solution for shooting glasses has always been a pain – until now. The folks at SSP Eyewear wanted to find a way to make affordable eye protection that solves the shooting problem for those of us who need reading glasses. If you need a little help seeing things up close, most glasses, whether prescription or drug store readers have the close-up correction at the bottom of the lens. That’s great for reading, but when you shoot handguns, you tend to tilt your head forward, so your eyes are looking through the tops of the lenses. That’s where the SSP Eyewear's Top Focal Lenses solution shines.

The correction zone in the lens is ground into the top area, right where it needs to be to provide perfect focus on the sights when in a shooting stance.

SSP Eyewear Top Focal Lenses: Mix and match correction strengths and locations on the lens to get the shooting eyewear solution that's just right for you.

Going on a wild guess, I requested the 2.0 correction on my set that was shipped to the event. As advertised, they made my vision at front sight distance amazingly crisp and clear when I leaned my head forward into my natural shooting position, but the targets in the distance were a little blurrier than I would have preferred. Then, when I got home, I actually read the instructions. Guess what? Since the lenses are instantly swappable, you can put a top of lens correction in your dominant eye and a bottom correction lens in the other one. That turned out to be the bomb.

When shooting, your dominant eye focuses on the sight while your support eye sees more clearly down range. When you need to do some up-close maintenance work, use the non-dominant eye as a traditional “reader” glasses setup the correction in the lower part of the lens. You can order all sorts of combinations of lenses in different colors, different corrections, and either top or bottom correction placement.

SSP Eyewear is proud to show this non-solicited testimonial. If you have any questions feel free to fill out the space below and we will get back to you quickly. ALSO, please check out our website, we have worked hard to develop Safety Glasses for all Genres of business, protective eyewear that seriously fits the needs and requirements of each type of business and still have the eyewear look Good….. BUT shooting safety glasses are a specialty for us, a lot of time and consideration went into developing safety eyewear that makes sense and not just protects our customers eyes but assist them to be the best they can be at their sport. And Look Good Toooo!

Our promise to continue developing new highly rated protective eyewear that make the wearer look GOOD is who we are. We do put our customers first and that is not a pitch but our sincere promise. The Eyes Have It…

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  • Ed Boyer
    Oct 15, 2020 at 13:09

    I shoot with my left eye closed, do I have to learn to shoot with both eyes open to use your Top Focal Lenses


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