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Methow A-EYE™ 6 Lens Kit

6 HD Lens RX-Able Shooting Glass Kit. For all shooting disciplines, the Methow Kit from SSP Eyewear provides the most versatile safety shooting glass kit available. Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clay,...
$ 399.99
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Methow A-EYE™ 4 Lens Kit

4 HD Lens RX-Able Shooting Glass Kit For all shooting disciplines, the Methow Cascade Kit from SSP Eyewear has four lenses, hand-picked for diverse light conditions; from bright light to...
$ 319.99
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Methow A-EYE™ Single Lens Luna Shooting Glass

All Methow Luna's have trademarked NVR/fog a-EYE lenses and infrangible frames.  They are RX-able and accept all Methow accessories, including a large assortment of a-EYE Lenses in the color of...
$ 129.99 $ 99.99
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Methow Pro 6HD

  Dark Orange, Copper, Dark Purple, Vermillion LL (Low Light) and ML (Medium Light) lenses & Hard Case Enhanced Dark Orange - Anti-Fog (32% light transmission) Optically correct decentered lens provides...
$ 499.99

Prescription RX Adapter

RX-ABLE Adapter for SSP Eyewear A long-awaited solution for people who wear glasses and need safety glasses. Introducing the new RX-Able Adapter for the Methow Kit and Cascade Kit available...
$ 20.00
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Rx-able/ Magnifying IR & Clear Glasses for Cutting/ Welding/ Glass Blowing

Do you suffer eye fatigue due to straining to see the details in your work?  We know that craftsmen and women strive to produce quality work but, they can’t do...
$ 15.00

Methow (Additional Frame Only)

Methow (Frame Only) Now offering, our popular Methow frames sold separately from the kit. By offering the Methow frame by itself, shooters will now have the ability to set up their Methow...
$ 29.99
All Safety EyewearFace Shape Fit: Square

UPGRADE: METHOW Frame + Free Neo Pouch

This product is a combo product, when you buy this you get an METHOW Frame + a FREE Neo Pouch.  METHOW FRAME & NEO POUCH
$ 29.99
All Safety EyewearDiscounted Den

METHOW PRO COMBO: Methow Frame / Nose Piece / Neoprene Pouch / Microfiber Pouch

This product is a combo product, you get a Methow Frame + Nose Piece + Neoprene Pouch + Microfiber Storage Pouch.  This is a great option if you need to change...
$ 50.00