I can’t tell you how excited I am by the quality, value, and customization options of your products! I absolutely LOVE that you have over eyeglass safety glasses that are stylish AND incredibly comfortable. My ladies are going to be over the moon! Our monthly chapter meeting is on Friday and I can’t wait to show them your glasses — particularly the Top Focal kits.
Warm regards,
Kaery D –


I shoot pistol competitively and recently started using the 1.0 upper bifocal lenses. I have seen my groups tighten and my scores go up consistently! Making the front sight crisp and clear has improved my sight alignment again.
Thank you!
Jim R.


Been shooting for 50+ years. No problem with sights. Till I turned "too old". That front sight got so blurry. WTH happened to me? But alas SSP top focal's have solved my problem. Zeroed an AR, three holes touching, they worked that we'll. Awesome. Recommend highly.
Darren S.


These top bifocal glasses are the very best choice for shooters who normally rely on reading glasses. I ordered a pair along with several extra lenses in different magnifications. The best set up I have found is a plain clear lens paired with a 1.25 magnification lens over my dominate eye. I can see the front sight like I was 18 again! Using a top bifocal over my dominate eye only, allows me to shoot without having to constantly move my head searching to get the bifocal in the right place. It works extremely well with targets that are moving, turning or with shoot/don't shoot courses. It allows you to move your focus instantly from identifying the target to the front sight and sight picture. No more rocking your head back and forth to see through lower bifocals. No more leaning your head back throwing off your shooting stance. I love mine and HIGHLY recommend these glasses to all my friends.
David F.


My wife ordered me a pair for Christmas. I Love them. No more turning my progressive seeing glasses upside-down and looking like a fool. Thx SSP, My wife said your customer service was excellent.
Gregory R.


I received the two pairs of Top Bifocals which I ordered Monday. As soon as I saw them at my door, I opened the box and tried them on. I love them. They work great with the sights on my handgun. I look forward to trying them at the range. Thanks for the excellent customer service you and I believe Sara provided to me. I will be telling my friends from the Range as well as fellow Retired and Active Police Officers about your products.
Edward B.


My daughter bought me the ssp shooting glasses. Got them today.Words can not express my fillings.These glasses are the best thing on the market.l have the top bifocals 2.00 I love these glasses.Thank you all so much.

Randy K.


I can't recommend these enough. If you need reading glasses, these are incredible. I actually went up a level in IDPA just because I could get a good sight picture again. BUY won't regret it.

James R.


These are amazing. Spent the weekend helping sell them at the USCCA show in Fort Worth. Amazing to see peoples reaction when they see their front site again! Wish we had a camera rolling for all to see this!

Tom M.


Sell a good product with great customer service, and they will fly off the shelves. I am very happy with my purchase and hope to make another one soon.

Richard L.


Probably the best shooting glasses I own. High quality, durable and extremely well priced. Top it off with a great company who answers questions and delivers amazing service.

Nathan L.


I got the Top Focal glasses a couple of months ago, and was fairly pleased with them. My front sight was now in focus. It took some getting used to... to tilt my head slightly to use the non-magnified area to see the target. But, I still had to grab my "cheaters" to perform any administrative tasks up close.Then I saw the ad for the "Denial" lenses (with bifocals in the normal lower half). Aha! Use the Top Focal lens on the dominant eye side and the Denial lens on the weak eye side for reading and other up-close tasks! I bought a set of them right away.I just tried it (at home, dry-firing with my SIRT pistol). Shazam! It works! Simple, yet brilliant concept for those of us with aging eyes! And, in my opinion, the price is VERY reasonable! A great value! -Edit to add: Tried the Top / Denial combo at the range for the first time yesterday. Worked perfectly! The added benefit of having the Denial (lower bifocal) on my weak eye side was that I could (with both eyes open) see the target / background while using my dominant eye to focus on the front sight. Then while reloading mags and other admin tasks, I could use the Denial side to see things up close.

Michael B.


They showed up. My SSP Eyewear Top Focal Assorted Interchangeable Safety Glasses came in and I can't wait to try them on. Theses glasses are made with the magnifying portion at the top of the shooting glass and are used by people that need to use bifocals to see things that are within arms length from them. It comes with a frame for the lenses 1 clear set of lenses and 2 sets of colored lenses 1 set in smoke color and 1 set in yellow color. It also comes with it's own carrying case made from neoprene as well as a lens cleaning cloth. When two of the three set lenses that are not being used can be stored in the neoprene case in there own pockets, that is a nice thing that was add into the case by it's designers. It keeps it all together and helps keep the other lenses that are not in use scratch free given that each lens has it vary own pocket inside the case.After I put them on I have to say that my eyes was drown right up to the bifocal and doing so my head just dropped into a natural shooting position (lowering the head to line up with the sights of a firearm) without thinking about it. It was kinda neat that my body just wanted to do that without me even thinking about it. After trying them out by looking down the sights of an empty airsoft handgun (I am at home when doing this review so for safety reasons I used an airsoft gun) I could see mysights without any problems as if I was just had on my reading glasses. So no lifting my head to see because I have my reading glasses hanging out below my safety glasses. Now I have a all in one pair of shooting glasses. What a great combo. I highly recommend these shooting glasses for anyone that enjoys shooing firearms on a range or hunting that needs to use reading glasses to see your sights. A big thumbs up to SSP Eyewear. 5 stars all the way.

Ronald A.


As a firearms instructor I have always said "if you can't see the sights you can't hit the target". I ordered a pair so that I could see my sights. They also help out while grading targets while also providing eye protection while everyone is shooting. Hot brass is no laughing matter not to mention ricochets. I recommend them for all your shooting eye protection!



I ordered a pair of glasses for work that were regular By-focal and ordered a set pair of Top By-focals with 1.50 Magnification so I could seethe cross-hair in my scopes and see the sights on my pistols and they work great. My spelling is not the best, but these glasses just help make my shooting WAY BETTER !!!!

Mike M.


Bought several items from them. Unfortunately I made a mistake and bought a wrong item. Their customer service was exceptional and they quickly processed my refund. I am very happy with the shooting glasses I bought from them.

Richard L.


What a great group of people. I've had two opportunities to talk with them (asking questions and for favors) and they are possibly the most responsive company I've ever dealt with. - SteveThese glasses are awesome! I couldn't focus on my front sight unless I would tilt my head back really far which takes time and looks pretty stupid. I finally figured out what I needed and started searching on the internet and found SSP eyewear. I figured at that price why not give them a try. As soon as they arrived, I ripped them out of the box, put them on and after clearing my pistol I brought it up and out and there it was.....that clear, beautiful front sight. I was thrilled. Being 61 and love to shoot, it has helped me tremendously. It's so much fun going to the range now. My accuracy has really improved. If you have to wear bifocals, I HIGHLY recommend SSP Eyewear.

Mike W.


I chalk it up to a size 7 5/8 hat and slightly wider-set eyes, not a fault with your sunglasses. Your customer service is a model that other businesses should emulate. Your product has great potential and I commend you for bringing it to the market. Best wishes in success.



Ordered a set of your Tactical Glasses on */31 and had them on 9/3! the next day I took the to the range to see how the would work. I have been chasing a pair of shooting glasses that would work for me for over 3 years! I have a $300 pair of Oakleys that just sit in my range bag. like a lot of shooters in their 50's now I could no longer pick up the front sight. to say it's frustrating would be a very big understatement! Anyway, saw your Facebook Ad and decided why not.....$40 bucks...give it a shot. I can honestly tell you that as soon as I put them on and looked down the sights of my pistol it was amazing! There it was...MY FRONT SIGHT! actually left the range in a great mood! I'm also a NRA Instructor and I will definitely be plugging your product! THANK YOU!!!


I love these safety specs w/ the readers! Just got mine last month, and as a career member of an EMS agency, I've found them to be the perfect - and necessary! - EyePro kit needed for responding to the full spectrum of EMS-fireground support and resQ operations in a frequently-stormy, sub-arctic climate: From operating emergency rigs and equipment to performing advanced-level emergency medical care, then writing post-incident and patient care reports summarizing each phase of your call, these safety specs have permitted me to easily-transition from near- to -far vision for all my duties! And as a career-retired Veteran, I am more-than-pleased to see that this Veterans'-owned company had their fraternal Brothers n' Sisters in mind and heart, when, based on their operational experience, they "thought outside the box", and designed not only a cost- but an operationally-effective series of functional, and inexpensive, industrial-grade safety eyeguards... Bravo Zulu to SSP!


The top readers have completely changed how I shoot. They are fantastic. I can focus on the fundamentals of acquiring the sight picture and keeping my head down thru the target. Best shooting glasses out there for those of us that are “aging".

Don M.


I have worn glasses since 3rd grade. I had cataract surgery on both eyes in December and literally could see things I had never seen before. I have never had a pair of regular sunglasses, only clip-owns, because my vision was so bad. Now I can drive without glasses and go shooting without glasses, all for the first time in my life. Needed sunglasses. Picked some up but I can't read the dashboard or the radio or my GPS, because my near vision is poor.

I cannot wait to try my new sunglasses with the 2.50 bifocal tomorrow in the daylight in my truck! I cannot believe how well they work and I am trying them at 8:30 PM in my bedroom.

I will be recommending these to the members of my gun club second week of September and just about anyone else I run into in the meantime.

And yes, I will be ordering a slightly different pair and my wife will probably order also.

Great product, received in four days from WA to suburban Philadelphia, and at a great price!

By the way, I am 65. Thank-you.

Gordon M.


I own a pair of SSP Top Focals, and they have brought enjoyment back to my shooting. It makes all the difference if you can see the front sight or not.

Mark B.