Bullchukar Sportsman Hunting Glasses

$ 19.99

Frame Color
Lens Color
Belgium Bronze Anti-Fog
Amber Anti-Fog
Crystal Clear Anti-Fog
Rose Anti-Fog

Product Details

Bullchukar Eyewear by SSP is designed by dog trainers and upland bird hunters to enable you to see upland birds and dogs in all light conditions. Each pair of glasses is manufactured with a comfortable, durable nylon frame with rubber nose pads for extended use and comfort. Optically correct de-centered lenses are treated with a superior anti-scratch coating out of shatterproof polycarbonate material and meet or exceed all ANSI Z87.1+ 2010 safety glass standards. All glasses are tested with a complex machine that shoots a 1/4 inch steel ball at over 100 m.p.h. The lenses must stay intact and not shatter High quality lenses are permanently treated with military grade double sided anti-fog to repel steam and fog and provide UV400 protection Exclusive Lenses for upland bird hunting, trap and skeet shooting. Choose from Camo, Black, and Pink Frames with the following lens colors.
  • Crystal Clear Anti-Fog: Lenses for night time use
  • European Yellow Anti-Fog: Enhanced contrast for early morning or dusk
  • Rose Anti-Fog Enhanced contrast for viewing orange, brown, and red colors preferred by Trap Shooters and people who are Red/Green color blind
  • Belgium Bronze Anti-Fog: For High Contrast clarity in desert, sage, brush, reeds and snow
  • OSHA Approved Safety Glasses 
  • Exceed ANSI Z87.1+2010
  • Anti-fog coating, is double sided & permanently bonded to the lens, lasting 65% longer 
  • Feature optically correct, decentered, shatterproof, polycarbonate lenses to virtually eliminate distortion.
  • Offer sharp peripheral vision, without any blind spot
  • Provide 100% UV400 protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays
  • Permanent durable anti-scratch hard coating.
  • Reduces Eye Strain
  • Improves Contrast and Visual Clarity
  • Offer sharp peripheral vision, without any blind spots
  • Permanent durable anti-scratch hard coating last up to 4 times longer
  • Flexible Temples are designed to minimize pinching and are comfortable for all day use

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