Adaptable Magnification & RX-able Inserts for IR3, IR5 and Clear glasses

$ 20.00


Product Details

Exciting new product combines IR glasses with magnifiers (reading) or your individual prescription (Rx-able). To be used in conjunction with ASACL, ASAIR3 or ASAIR5

For reading magnifier insert please choose the correct magnification power 1.25-3.00 and the correct infrared shade IR3 or IR5

  • Simply snap insert into the back of the Pro Infrared IR3, IR5 or Clear glasses.
  • ASRXFR RX-able insert allows you to customize your prescription with your optometrist and have your individual prescription made.
  • ASFL Magnification Inserts are available 1.25-3.00 choose reading glass strength
  • Users include glass blowers, brazers, and welders using a Infrared 3 or infrared 5 shade green lens

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