Here at SSP we pride ourselves on the highest level of quality in each and every product we produce. In some cases, dings and minor imperfections can occur. We wanted to offer the option to purchase a not-so-perfect pair at a heck-of-a-discount; welcome to the Discount Den!
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1 DENIAL TRY AND BUY WITH DISPLAY VALUE $360.00 6 DENIAL 125 KIT  011711955015  $59.99  6 DENIAL 150 KIT  011711955022  $59.99  6 DENIAL 175 KIT  011711956128  $59.99  6 DENIAL 200 KIT  011711955039  $59.99  5 DENIAL...
$ 2,399.66 $ 2,040.00
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Snoqualmie Safety Glasses

People come in all shapes and sizes, some with larger heads than others. Hey, larger head, bigger brain, am I right?! Not to worry, we made a pair of safety...
$ 6.00
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Tear drops and sharp knives don’t go well together...that’s why we created the Pequin glasses with full-coverage glass and foam eyecups and sides shields. Our Pequin glasses are made of...
$ 14.00
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Toutle Colored Frame Safety Glasses

We know that you love being outdoors but, don’t let the elements get the best of your eyes. The Toutle Colored Frame safety glasses have full wrap-around lenses with soft,...
$ 9.00
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Calawah Ladies Casual Eyewear with Readers

If you’re laying by the pool, or enjoying a day out in the sun, don't worry about carrying around those readers and changing your glasses. We have you covered. Our...
$ 39.99
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METHOW PRO COMBO: Methow Frame / Nose Piece / Neoprene Pouch / Microfiber Pouch

This product is a combo product, you get a Methow Frame + Nose Piece + Neoprene Pouch + Microfiber Storage Pouch.  This is a great option if you need to change...
$ 50.00