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Do you hear what I hear? We hope so but, if not, now is the time to start protecting your hearing. With a high NRR 32 rating, the IHP32 Disposable Tapered Earplugs provide superior protection against harmful noises, keeping you safe from hearing damage while on the job. The disposable foam earplugs are so comfortable, you won't want to throw these ear plugs away, and so economical, you won’t care if you do! Made from soft, hypo-allergenic polyurethane foam, E2 Disposable Earplugs feature a flexible, tapered shape that fits the contours of the ear canal for a custom and comfortable fit the whole day long. Plus, the fluorescent orange coloring ensures the E2 Earplugs are seen more easily during safety checks.


  • Made from soft, hypo-allergenic polyurethane foam
  • Tapered earplug design fits snugly in the ear for long-lasting comfort
  • Soft, non-irritating polyurethane foam material
  • Hi-visibility orange simplifies worker compliance check


  • IHP32: Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 32 dB, CSA Class AL
  • Hi-visibility orange color simplifies worker compliance check

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